There are several different breath pattern techniques that various practitioners use in conscious connected breathwork. Those include:


Holotropic Breathwork

Integrative Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork

Clarity Breathwork 

Transformational Breath


Breath of Bliss

Biodynamic Breathwork

And more


All of these techniques have the same four base components. Those are: 

  1. Conscious connected breathing with no pauses between the inhale and the exhale.
  2. Diaphragmatic breathing, which is an active inhale into the belly with relaxed expansion of the chest.
  3. A relaxed exhale as you passively let go.
  4. Breathing channel – you: breathe in and out through the same channel.


Any breathwork increases the oxygen supply to our brain and entire system. This in turn activates more brain power, increases our energy levels, lifts and releases past trauma and emotion, and expands our awareness both internally and externally. Breathwork also activates a powerful detoxification process — 70% of our toxins are released when we exhale! If we are not breathing at full capacity, it is safe to say that we are not functioning at full capacity.


In addition, it helps you bring your nervous system back into a state of peace and calm. Most of us are living in a nervous state all the time, consistently in fight, flight, or freeze survival responses. Our stress and stored trauma are at an all time high, causing a wide variety of health and wellness issues. Now, more than ever, it is imperative we use all available tools to bring our nervous systems back into the parasympathetic states of rest and digest, where we can regain calm and bring peace and deep healing to our body, mind, and soul.