1. White water rafting and swimming in the world’s most dangerous pool – Zambia

On the Zambezi River, 23 rapids, sheer cliffs and gorgeous scenery await you at the Batoka Gorge. Imaginatively named The Stairway to Heaven, The Washing Machine, Devil’s Toilet and The Terminator, these rapids are a top draw for adrenaline junkies. The best time to travel is between June to February, if you wish to navigate all 23.


  1. Shark cage diving in Gansbaai – South Africa

Great White Sharks are seriously misunderstood, especially since Jaws and every other shark-themed movie scared us to death! However, sharks rarely attack humans.


  1. Mokoro rides/canoeing – Botswana

Thousands of animals gather at the Okavango Delta during the dry season, when the water floods the delta and it’s dry everywhere else. Mokoros are sturdy traditional canoes used to navigate the shallow waters of this delta. The canoe takes you through the winding waterways into the wild heart of the region, to see elephants herds resting in relative peace, hippos skulking in the water, and watchful predators waiting for opportunities.


  1. Whale watching – Overberg, South Africa

Hundreds of southern right whales and humpbacks travel to warmer climates from the icy Antarctic region between June and December. Whether you are standing on a cliff or daring enough to venture out to sea by boat, there are plenty of opportunities in Overberg to witness the fabulous acrobatics courtesy of these gentle giants.


  1. Sandboarding – Namibia

Fancy speeding down a tall sand dune at 70 kmph? Namibia is the place for you! At Swakopmund, there are experts who determine the steep and shallow portions of sand dunes and provide lessons for beginners and safety instructions for everyone else. Zoom down from some of the highest dunes in the world, strapped to a board or with no bindings, as you enjoy magnificent views of the haunting vastness all around you.