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The Fashion, Community, and Culture of a Cannabis Lifestyle

Cannabis Culture


The modern culture around cannabis use is no longer reliant on stereotypes shared from decades past. Music, movies, travel, food, and even big life events such as milestone birthdays celebrations have changed dramatically to become more accepting and conducive to cannabis use. Nowadays one could argue that marijuana is more socially acceptable than smoking cigarettes, especially once you consider that cannabis is no longer just being smoked and that entire food movements have sprung up around cannabis culture, to name one area of change. In fact, food and cannabis have come a long way as we can see by the fact that there are now recommendations on using CBD to support even the strictest of dietary needs like a keto diet for example.

Cannabis And Hemp For All Aspects Of Life


There is an absolute multitude of cannabis wellness products available on the market today including skincare products, CBD oils for pain and inflammation, and even supplemental treats or biscuits for dogs. Cannabis is no longer just one thing – it forms a baseline for an entire way of living that is more wholesome, grounded, and aware. Hemp is far more eco-friendly than using trees or cotton plants for paper and textiles, and the end product is of superior quality. Woven hemp fibers can be used for commercial-grade ropes, insulation, and cables. Cannabis is used therapeutically for mental health and wellness too. It seems as if there isn’t a single element of modern life that cannot be improved or supported by cannabis-based products and by-products.


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Fashion Forward


Cannabis use has even evolved to become a la mode. Fashion items like headbands, scarves, wrist guards, smoking paraphernalia and lighters, water bottles, shoes, and even laptop covers have all been designed with cannabis-inspired prints or designs on them. Cannabis has even infiltrated the ranks of couture fashion and is set to spearhead a large portion of economic gain from the various merchandising options like cannabis kicks, diamond-encrusted vapes, or even being showcased as the central theme in elite designer lines. From celebrity baby showers to bespoke bongs, there is cannabis fashion everywhere.


Not only has cannabis become trendy, but it is being embraced as trend altering. Consider events like weddings for example. Cannabis bars that offer a variety of pre-rolled joints, bongs, or even just prepped cannabis for use in your own pipe, have started to join or replace alcoholic beverage bars. Cannabis-infused wines, sweet treats, or even wedding cake is being served. Corsages, bouquets, and table centre-pieces are all being reenvisioned and adorned with the iconic leaf or bud. It’s a new era of cannabis-infused fashion and it is being used in everything from caps to high-end jewellery.


A Communal Affair


The cannabis community is extremely welcoming and sees cannabis use as both social and mundane. The shift towards regular, daily cannabis consumption whether it is for recreation or therapeutic use, means that not only has the act become conventional but it has become expected and forms a part of most gatherings. Smoking marijuana in particular has become so mainstream that CBD vape pens barely get a second glance. Pot parties may not be anything new, but how they are done certainly is. Now, cannabis buffet bars or cannabis cooking classes are setting the tone for communal or family gatherings. Sure, we still have the plate of weed cookies or decadent sticky-icky brownies on offer, but there is so much more too. New parents are being advised to use CBD oil by the grandparents who have been using it for their arthritis, cancer patients are being referred to CBD treatment dispensaries, business events are including options for cannabis users in the drinks menu or are providing designated smoking areas. People are coming together and experiencing cannabis without the shame it has endured for many years past, people are recognizing and benefitting from the advantages of non-stigmatized cannabis use.



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