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A Mental & Spiritual Awakening

Through the support of cannabis consumption and the therapeutic use of cannabis-derived products we can see the potential of reaching a higher level of mental engagement and creating a balance within oneself for spiritual and emotional wellness. Achieving a better integration within one’s life of the evolved cannabis wellness lifestyle could assist a wide scope of components that make for a healthy equilibrium between mind, body, and soul.

Mental Balance And Clarity


Many cannabis users are experiencing the positive life effects of using cannabis to aid their mental health and wellness. Whether they choose to do so in edible form or by using CBD oils in a sublingual (under the tongue) application for microdosing (using small doses throughout the day), or whether they choose to engage in communal smoking, the clear effects of using cannabis to attain an improved mental state cannot be dismissed. Mental health is an extremely important issue and forms an integral part of creating a sustainable, healthy, and sated state of wellness.


Cannabis users that have chosen to treat their mental conditions such as anxiety or sleep disruptions with cannabis, report fewer side effects and increased advantages compared to the use of other pharmaceuticals. It is important to note that these users would select a compound that contains CBD instead of THC (the chemical that gets you high).


How Cannabis Can Support Meditative Practices


Many people choose weed not only for the physical benefits but for the sheer joy of how it makes you feel and how present you can remain. This is a perfect environment for meditation since you require mindfulness to maximise the benefit of any meditative experience. Cannabis elicits an increase in empathy, health, and meta-cognitive abilities which deepen the experience of meditation and profoundly prolongs and intensifies the subconscious communication between your body, soul, and the world around you. You can achieve a more contemplative journey by correctly combining cannabis with the right state of mind and allowing for personal developments in cognitive reflection. This is truly the purpose of meditation – to decrease stress and enhance self-concept and explore inner peace.


Physical Recuperation And Movement Aid


Yoga is a preferred physical movement technique and lifestyle amongst not only cannabis users but people in physical rehabilitation, mental rehabilitation, and those in search of spiritual enlightenment. Cannabis has proven anti-inflammatory properties making it easier for users to get physically active but it also allows for better recuperation afterward. Lest we forget, cannabis can also lessen inhibitions to allow people to feel comfortable and confident enough to move in the first place.


Supported By Technology And Backed By Science


Looking at studies that “employ resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques to assess the stationary effects of cannabis” we see that cannabis does indeed show “subjective experiences of changed perceptions” meaning that the individuals who undertook the studies did indeed find that their mental focus and way of perceiving the world had been altered. It is clearly not just something people say, cannabis is a chemical aid for mental awakening and exploration.


By honing growing practices and developing a multitude of technological solutions that can assist in the creation of finer tuned strains as well as optimising the farming of cannabis and hemp, technology has come a long way in support of cannabis. Users can now base their choice of cannabis strain based on the effects that they are looking to achieve. This is a market created by the collaboration of technology and science that offers not only strain refinement but improvements in ingestion or methods of use.


Spirituality Through Cannabis


From cannabis churches to traditional healers, marijuana has been used for centuries in spiritual practices. It would be disingenuous not to mention Rastafarians when discussing cannabis and religion, though apart from noting with respect the sanctity of cannabis use in religion, the point is far more reaching than that. Cannabis can magnify the spiritual experience to a degree that has cemented the practice as a true awakening. Many users report a new sense of mental clarity, in the purest form, described often as discovering their true purpose and their role within this life. This level of devotional communion with the divine is holy and sacred and should be protected as such.


The Importance Of Religion And Spirituality In Human Beings


According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, self-actualization and the need for positive spiritual growth is a primal necessity. It is an indispensable element of human existence without which, we would cease to flourish. Human beings have three main realms of existence namely physical, intellectual, and spiritual. It would be prudent to say that even the most basic of spiritual experiences is both mandatory and inevitable in the human experience.


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