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The evolution of cannabis as a natural part of modern life is still in progress. No matter the reason, many people are finding comfort and support in the use of hemp or cannabinoid products for wellness and wellbeing. The cannabis market has become far more accessible since legislative support has come into effect. That being said, many people are opting to grow their own cannabis or hemp in an effort to ...



Through the support of cannabis consumption and the therapeutic use of cannabis-derived products we can see the potential of reaching a higher level of mental engagement and creating a balance within oneself for spiritual and emotional wellness. Achieving a better integration within one’s life of the evolved cannabis wellness lifestyle could assist a wide scope of components that make ...



Humans evolve and adapt, they always have and they always will. Thanks to developing perceptions and the movement towards legalizing and normalising cannabis use, there has been a significant increase in cannabis research, bridging the gaps in access, and the creation of a positive cannabis culture. The benefits of cannabis or hemp use have become far more accessible and accepted through ...



Healthy living is more than a marketing phrase – it is an active, conscious decision to make better life choices by focusing on optimal health and wellness. Cannabis forms a much more prominent role in the modern perception of a wellness lifestyle and because of this, it has been investigated more closely. The results have been found to show a multitude of health benefits not only based on the lifestyle applications of ...



Modern health and wellness is an evolved symbiosis of components coming together to form a whole being – true wellness is not just one thing and requires a fuller, rounded approach. For many, choices based on mutually beneficial or sustainable practices that can enhance one’s life are non-negotiable, the fear of stigma is falling away, and the valiant crusade for an ethical and attuned way of living is the clear path forward ...

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